Sunday, December 16, 2007

I now get it.

You don't know what bottom is until you've waded around in it. When you weep for no reason, you're there. When you can't decide bed or bathtub, that's it. I'm not talking about sleeping or bathing you fuck.

When no amount of 20th century know how can fix it, it's over.

In reality, it's never that bad. Buck up bitch. If I am willing to defeat it, anyone can.

Yeah, it's fucking overwhelming. Give up. Find if you have anyone there to listen. If you do, you'll be fine; if not, I know a good gun dealer.

Depressed people piss me off. I actually used to listen to them. I was that person today. I lost it. The little boy who hid in a closet paid a visit. I did not know what to say. He looked great. I want his haircut. I'm just glad he wasn't disappointed. I've not done too bad. I'm still scared he'll come again. However, today he smiled. You have no idea what that means to me. (Yes I'm mixing tenses. Ever hear of poetic license?)

I'm lucky. Most aren't. I found out why I had the meltdown. I knew why beforehand and that's what's more sick, but not the point.

The headache I've had for 4 days will eventually go away. Some day I'll sleep well. At some point I might have to fuck with people in rehab...(don't send me, I'll have too much fun...if I give it all up, I'll just stop); but I see the signs.

Please let me be. I'm not doing that bad.

If anyone reads this and gets a clue, I've done one more service. Otherwise, fuck off and go type to someone who gives a shit.

In the event I do what I want to do, you'll never see this again.

EDIT: What I want to do is good, don't pick up the phone.

stoopid people send form letters

My sleeping buddy got a letter the other day.

It talked about shit from work....and changes to come.

It was a bulleted list...At the end of each bullet was a semi-colon (;).

At the end of the 2nd to last bullet was a ";and". To introduce the last bullet of course!!!

I was amazed. A 4 bulleted run-on sentence.

I should have gambled that day.

This is your brain on drugs

Admittedly I'm on something(s) right now...not the point.

I have many addictions. Thought I'd get them all out there now because I lost track.


Shit there we're more but I forgot....

Thanks to allah it's not guns anymore! Remember, if I don't try to find my family, my 77% survival rate goes to 95%......that and we all need to live in walmart for months...

Cracker Jack Paper is no License

What the fuck. I so forget how getting a tickle me elmo makes people the most stupid people on the planet. I've had more issues with idiots on the road in the last 3 days than I have in 9 months. I had some pussy in a Nissan "beep" at me cuz I "cut" him off.

Fuck me he didn't even have to slow down. He was just amazed I was being European.

Last I checked, Yield doesn't mean stop and wet my pants while I wait for a 30 second window.

assholes.....Even my princess laughs when I fly through those fucking round-a-bouts...

They WILL drive at slow-moving, gas-guzzling land-yachts. Don't care if they fuck up. I just hope they know how to do doughnuts!!!!!