Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Skinamax is for Boys

Why the fuck do any of the pay cable channels like Cinemax still run their Saturday nite soft porn??? I mean really. Have you ever seen youporn? I can get to hard-core, give me a stiffy, porn in less than 4 seconds on this internet thingy.

Soft porn is like a massage without a happy ending. Everything is hot and heavy, breasts and asses are heaving. Bad elevator porn music is playing and there are cut-aways to a roaring fire or whatever.....But there is NEVER a happy ending. It just "cums" to an end. What the Fuck? The music stops. No more pelvic grinding. Did someone get a cramp or something? Fire need another log? How the hell do we know if everyone had a good time? I mean really. It just stops and they cut away to the next scene just like a regular porno with out the happy ending....

Fuck around.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ya know?

Ya know.....

This isn't from experience. But really....Why I thought of this is just wrong...but really....

You MUST have to know, boys, that if your significant other ever asks you this, your relationship is in turmoil. Or, your significant other is a bigger freak than you ever imagined.....

"Hey honey, what are your thoughts about getting a blowjob from another man?"

Don't ask. I just write it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I own you

Like I always say, if in the apocalypse you come to my house and actually make it up the driveway, you'll be of some use. Welcome Aboard the Death Train!!