Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey Honey, The Shag Needs a Trim

I thought about using "And the Award Goes To....," as in Darwin Award, for the title but what's the fun in that.

I'm sure you all heard by now the 1000 year storm wiped the Pacific Northwest off the planet late last week. OK it wasn't that bad but you'd think it was by all the whining and retardedness going on. I won't lay into the numbnuts who ventured out for nothing more than their morning coffee. People stooped down to eating sandwiches from gas stations. It's like the world really did come to an end. It was cool to drive through town at nite when everything was pitch black. I so cannot wait for the apocalypse!

But that's not why I'm laughing. There's nothing like a little diversity to normalcy to clean up our gene pool. Apparently a couple dipshits have died due to carbon monoxide poisoning. They were stupid enough to either 1. use a barbecue grill to heat their home or 2. ran their generator in their home.


Does lack of electricity and heat make people that stupid? Of course not. They were that stupid to begin with. Sad thing is another 100 or so knuckledraggers have racked up my medicare/caid taxes for having to go into the 02 chambers for doing the same thing or running their gas stove for heat etc.... Oh and at least one dumbfuck died in a fire set by candles....You know damn well those of us with insurance or 1/2 a brain had no trouble running our shit OUTSIDE and know how to blow candles out........fuck around people.

But really, at what point does running a 110 decibel motor in the living room seem like a good idea? You might as well bring in the mower and trim the carpet. When is heating the living room with a Weber grill a sound idea? Did the blackened ceiling give you decorating ideas? What I find TOTALLY hilarious is these are the paranoid types to spend the $50 for CO detectors and probably unplugged them when they started to go off. Go Darwin! Go Darwin! It's your birthday!

As the holidays draw near I'm not wishing any souls good will. You try and swipe my power and I'm shooting your ass.


Blogger Lisa said...

I thought about swiping it... and I ain't afraid of you!!! :P

12/18/06, 11:35 PM  
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