Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Twooo Doods....

I just remember a Richard Pryor Joke with him saying THE TWO DOODs.....

Ya know how people say "he's a brick short of a load"? Or a couple beers short of a six pack?

How about instead we start saying she's "Two Clowns short of a Circus"?

It's actually supposed to be a 'few' clowns short of a circus. But why a few? That makes no sense to me. Two gives it depth, the exact twoness; it's TWO clowns short of a circus, not a few clowns.

I mean really, a few? Fuck-a-few, how many is a few? Is she supposed to be really dumb or not so much dumb. Is the joke supposed to be really funny or not? Few is more than a couple and less than a gaggle, pick a number dumas! It's just not funny to me except with two.

And bonus points if you can point out the few irony...


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