Monday, May 15, 2006

GameShow Crap

Ok...What is it about game shows.

Old people only watch game shows, right?

Old People vote conservative right?

I find it VERY interesting that the 3 times I've watched "Deal or No Fucking Deal" they've had a military wife on with a vidsat to her husband in Iraq (Fuck you, you miscreants...I'm not dogging that).

It makes for painful television. Hot military wives (what you think they put the cows on?) and their boys on a tv screen. Painful. The IQ of the both of them is directly proportional to how many cases she has left.....'s tuesday...what else is on?

Hockey is waiting on Edmonton to Kick SJC's ass.... :)


Blogger Lisa said...

old people and almost 6 yr olds....and mom's conned into it by their kids

maybe it's the former military wife stigma

put on grey's anatomy....blood, guts and dying....more ur speed

5/15/06, 9:26 PM  

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